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Our Story

Meet the Founders of Buzzards Bay Basins

Behind the "Brand of the Bay"

We’re two brothers that grew up on the ocean and love nothing more than putting on comfortable clothes and being on the water or at a beach. We decided to create the best gear and wanted to specialize in sweatshirts, hats, and t-shirts that represent the area we love. We established Buzzards Bay Basins in 2020 and have been working hard ever since to bring the feel of our bay to you. From fishing to boating to beaching it on the sandy shores, we felt the need to create the “Brand of the Bay.”

- Angus & Finnegan

Get to Know Buzzards Bay

The name Buzzards Bay comes from early Americans who called the large birds living along the shore buzzards. After the English ale wore off they realized the birds were actually osprey. However, osprey bay didn’t sound nearly as cool so the name Buzzards Bay stuck. This beautiful body of water is bordered by Cape Cod Bay, Vineyard/Nantucket Sound and Rhode Island Sound. It’s renown for its sailing and attracts the best sailors in the world to hone and test their skills. The bay offers tons of charming harbors, the best Blue and Striped Bass fishing in New England and being hemmed in by the Elizabeth Islands to the south provides endless days of island hopping to keep you entertained all summer long.